Chandi Tarakasi (silver filigree)

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Geographical Indication (GI) tag

March 3, 2024: The Indian Express

The Odisha State Cooperative Handicrafts Corporation Ltd (UTKALIKA) had filed an application, seeking GI tag for the famed silver filigree, on July 1, 2021
From: March 3, 2024: The Indian Express

“It is a matter of honour for Odisha to get the GI tag for Cuttack’s Silver Filigree (#ChandiTarakasi). The centuries-old sophisticated craft practiced in the Silver City of #Cuttack gives a distinct identity to our state for its intricate workmanship. On the occasion, I extend my best wishes to the people of Odisha, especially Cuttack and the district administration,” Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said on X.

The district administration had traced its origins to the 13th century to show historical linkage of the art to the region.

In Odia, ‘Tarakasi’ is a combination of two words – ‘Tara’ (wire) and ‘Kasi’ (design).

During Durga Puja, artisans of Cuttack also create ‘medhas’ (tableaus) with intricate filigree patterns, the officials said.

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