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This is a collection of articles archived for the excellence of their content.

A profile

From the archives of India Today

She is a professor, Department of Education, University of Delhi


B.Sc,M.Sc, Ph.D Delhi University.

Is never afraid of

An honest battle, as when the NDA government terminated her UGC fellowship because her work was not “nationalistic enough”.

Is unhappy about

The rapid decline of her pet project, the Maulana Azad Centre for Elementary and Social Education, at DU’s Dept of Education.

If primary school children who study maths and EVS now find their books a lot more fun, much of the credit goes to Anita Rampal, a rare physicist who switched tracks to becoming an educator. At NCERT, on deputation from Delhi University’s Central Institute of Education, she spent as much time headhunting school teachers as well as artists who could breathe freshness into texts. Having cut her teeth on the avant garde work at the Hoshangabad Science Teaching Programme in Madhya Pradesh, she has spent a lifetime at the cusp of the people’s science movement initiated by Eklavya and Kerala Sahitya Parishad. As a Nehru fellow, she spent 15 years at the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library under the nurturing leadership of Ravindra Kumar, studying the pedagogy of science and education.

Her training as a classical and modern dancer, as a physicist and a science educationist make her a unique blend, which was evident in the breakthrough she managed in NCERT’s primary school textbooks. Along with husband Vinod Raina, who set up Eklavya, she is one-half of education’s first couple, who have swapped having their own children for raising an entire generation.

-by Kaveree Bamzai

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